Level Editor Wiki

Welcome to the Alkali Level Editor Wiki!

The Level Editor is currently in Alpha. Remember to save often, to prevent losses from crashing.

Placing Objects

Objects are what makes up a level. Most objects takes up one tile (i.e. grid square) of space. To place an object, simply left click in a grid cell within the editor. This new object will destroy all objects below it in the same layer.

Selecting an Object.

You use the number keys [0-9] to select an object within a category. Use [CTRL] + [0-9] to select your category. You can see the list of objects and categories in the editor by pressing [H].

A note on the *Developer category: the objects in here may be unstable, untested, or cut content. Use at your own risk.

Object Direction

Some objects, such as spikes, have a facing direction. Press [R] to rotate the direction the object will be placed at.


There are currently two layers in the editor: the back layer and the middle layer. The middle layer is the layer the player moves on, but objects like saws and water pipes in the back layer can still affect the player. Press [L] to toggle between layers in the editor.


By holding [SHIFT] while left-clicking and dragging the mouse, you can select an area of the grid.

Copying and Pasting

Pressing [CTRL]+[C] copies all objects in the selected area, while [CTRL]+[X] cuts the selected area. Pressing [CTRL]+[V] pastes the selected area at your mouse position.

Mirroring and Rotating

Fill or Clear Selection

Pressing [F] will fill the selection with the currently selected tile. Pressing [del] will clear the selection (in this layer).

Setting the Level Preview

Pressing [P] will set the level preview image to the selection, if the selection is at least one screen (40x23 tiles) large, ignoring excess selection if it's too big.

Panning and Zooming

Use the scroll wheel to zoom in or out in the editor. You can also use the [+] and [-] keys. To move the camera click and hold the middle mouse button (scroll wheel) while moving the mouse. You can also use the arrow keys to move the camera.


Rooms are used to bound the camera for the player, and to create checkpoints. Initially, each level will come with one room. Rooms are required to adhere to two simple rules:


Backgrounds and Music

Use [SHIFT]+[1] through [SHIFT]+[5] to select a background image for the level. Use [SHIFT]+[6] through [SHIFT]+[0] to select a song for the level.